A man’s desire to uncover the secrets of his past is a crucial curiosity that needs to be quenched. This intense longing leads James in a life-changing adventure back where Nature is at its finest and man is always in harmony with it.

Beyond the Mists of Time is a metaphysical fiction that is suspended in the era unknown to human knowledge. James, the same character who gained the readers’ enjoyment in The Hidden Codes of God is on a new adventure that further concretizes his inner, supernatural, spiritual, archaeological, and divine aspects of the essence of a human experience. As a writer, his aim is to arrive at the peak of self-actualization. And so he embarks on a spiritual journey in a fascinating relationship with Nature and its Creator.


Dr. Robert J. Newton studied a wide variety of courses in his quest for the highest level of knowledge in the essential areas that will enable us to live fully. His education ranges from speech and English at Cal State Fullerton to juris doctorate from American College of Law and a number of certifications in alternative healing. He decided to pursue his career in naturopathic medicine as a graduate of Clayton School of Natural Healing.

Dr. Newton has lived his life in the service of others. For many decades, he has worked as an award winning landscape designer and landscape and construction contractor. Furthermore, he also spent two decades practicing Christian Science healing and, recently, became an author, an inspiring speaker, and life and relationship coach. He is a respected philosopher who successfully tapped into the origins of spirituality, sexuality, life, and love by applying the things he learned from yoga, metaphysics, spiritual sciences, natural healing, world religions, and ancient hermetic teachings.

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So what I saw from viewing all the civilizations you see covered in this book was: We can take the best of what they manifested and apply it to our own problems today to create a Heaven on Earth. Granted, there are epidemics of sickness and disease today and undeniably virtually every government on Earth is doing everything in their power to control their citizens, thereby quenching our liberty. Allow yourself to drift into the stories of the ancient civilizations and then see how we can restore things to their perfect state as per the 7th Name of God from Exodus 14:19—21 of The Torah, Aleph Kaf Aleph!

As James began his remote viewing session in Samadhi, he was prepared to see things like nothing he had seen or known before and what he was about to behold was more than he could have ever imagined! The first of many things James saw was the beginning of planet Earth, previously known as Gaia, during a time frame that was billions of years ago—possibly even more—at a time before any people or extraterrestrial civilizations had visited or inhabited the beautiful planet, Gaia. James had the privilege to view Gaia/Earth as lushly covered with innumerable plant forms and abundantly populated with many types of animal and fish forms, both on the land and the sea.

And there was a mutual understanding that all plants and trees and animals were interconnected through the same field of energy that had been manifested by the Creator. So James could see herein, that indeed humans could learn how to live harmoniously with each other by following the templates of cooperation inherently expressed in Nature.

Since all tree and plant forms understood all their needs would be met . . . fear, anger and resentment were unknown among them; nor were competition, grudges and wars.


“I doubt if anyone who read Dr. Newton’s book will look at trees and nature in general in the same way again. He used his main character to take us on a journey of discovery through the ages. And what wonders were revealed! What truths!”

—S. Roystone Neverson, Trinidad and Tobago

“It’s very well written and certainly a book for those who want to delve deeper into their psyche than they have before. It will make you question your own belief system, the ideals of mankind today, and your own behavior. It will also enlighten you to an entirely different euphoric state of life, which can be both terrifying and absolutely life-changing if you take the words the right way.”

—Dawn Dolly Webb, Alaska, USA

“Readers will find this book takes horticulture, botany and archaeology into new territory while telling a fascinating story; it also tells us how we can create heaven on Earth.”

—Dr. Vaikunthanath Kaviraj, 

“It is a delightful book and the author did an outstanding job in taking me into a strange and exciting realm within my own soul. Read it. You will love it.”

—Crystal Simons, Amazon reader

“This book gave me a new perspective on so many things, but especially very old cultures that virtually no one knows anything about. I am most grateful to Dr. Newton for sharing a story that just wraps you up in it and makes you want to read more and more! Everyone should read this book!”

—Thomas Morton, CEO, Light Speed Learning


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